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Mission Statement

At Medical Psychology Center, we believe there is a strong relationship between emotional and physical well being. Our mission is to provide treatments for conditions which stem from this interaction.

At the core of MPC’s integrative treatment model is a skilled clinician who understands the complex relationship between mind and body, and is accordingly able to design and provide the most appropriate treatment(s) for a patient’s specific presentation. Our providers combine a thorough knowledge of human psychology with an array of psychological, cognitive-behavioral, and bio-behavioral techniques. We will also make use of pharmacological interventions when appropriate.

We provide clear feedback to the referring physician regarding our assessment and recommend course of treatment. We strive to work closely with the referring physician because we know that such a partnership produces the best possible outcomes.

Most importantly, we firmly believe that the individual is the most active participant in the learning and healing process.

Our center is unique in its integration of depth psychology and focused treatment, providing time-effective therapy but also attempting to make a significant impact on the patient’s life. More and more research points to the value of this approach.

Our goal is to provide people with the skills and knowledge to achieve the most advanced level of functioning and highest quality of life and to do so within a respectful therapeutic environment.